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  1. From the fringe

    Dandelions, cotton balls and swimming pools: how poor risk communication endangers our health and costs us money, and what we can do about it

    Dandelions, cotton balls and swimming pools – what do they have in common? They are all terms used by Australian experts to explain science to the public. A scientific concept such as density might be explained by comparing, say, a piece of glass with a snow-flake. A description of water management might invoke a drop of a dangerous substance in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

    Published September 2018 Issue 20
  2. CARE catch-up

    Validating probeCARE™ in field tests

    CRC CARE developed probeCARE™ to support cost-effective, in situ, real-time monitoring of water. This is used to improve management strategies for cropping and fertigation, using recycled water effectively and monitoring for possible pollutants to meet environmental protection agency standards.

  3. Editor's note

    Editor's note for issue 20

    It’s my pleasure to welcome you to issue 20 of Remediation Australasia. This issue of the magazine takes a look at a range of topics that we – and, we hope, you – find fascinating. We’re putting plastics under the microscope (sometimes literally), with an article on the increasingly urgent problem of microplastics.

    Published September 2018 Issue 20
  4. Regulator roundup

    Regulator roundup 19

    This edition of Regulator Roundup includes information about the new National Environment Management Plan, the merging of two certification schemes, EPA Victoria’s new chairperson and the NSW Government’s recent commitment for contaminated land management funding.

    Published April 2018 Issue 19