From the fringe

From the fringe

Dandelions, cotton balls and swimming pools: how poor risk communication endangers our health and costs us money, and what we can do about it

Dandelions, cotton balls and swimming pools – what do they have in common? They are all terms used by Australian experts to explain science to the public. A scientific concept such as density might be explained by comparing, say, a piece of glass with a snow-flake. A description of water management might invoke a drop of a dangerous substance in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Published September 2018 Issue 20
From the fringe

Complementary medicines may not complement good health

Complementary medicines – also known as traditional, natural or alternative medicines – include vitamin and dietary health supplements, herbal medicines, and traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and homeopathic medicines. Contaminants in complementary medicines can include pesticide residues, and toxic heavy metal(loid)s such as cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As), lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg).

Published September 2017 Issue 18
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